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Getting There


photo of plane

By Sea

It is only advisable to go by transatlantic liner if you want a cruise on route to America.  Cruise ships will often dock in New York to pick up passengers on the way to the Caribbean.  This can be  an expensive way to travel and even getting on a cargo ship can cost nearly 1000 with a 10 day journey.  For cruise information visit the following cruise sites.

By Air

This is easily the best way to travel and with the North Atlantic being the most heavily used route there are always plenty of flights throughout the year.  Fare structures are often very confusing and it is hard to know if you are getting the right deal.

The range of travel possibilities are quite varied and so are their prices.

  1. Full price tickets - Not for the general traveler.  Too expensive unless your employer is paying.

  2. APEX tickets - Bought 3 weeks in advance and often as part of a fly drive holiday when you may depart from a different airport. Seasonal variations can be extreme

  3. Charter flights - Offer cheap tickets but always the danger of being stranded if the firm goes bust.  Ideal for young people who love a bargain and can put up with any inconvenience.  for more information visit the Airtours website.

  4. Last minute deals - Companies often want to fill seats just before take-off which are unsold.  Depending on the time of year there are many good deals readily available and would suit single people who are flexible at both end of a journey.  For a last minute deal click on, and www.dial-a-flightcom.

  5. Economy airlines - It is often possible to get cheap flights with Atlantic carriers lesser known in the UK like Air India or Air Kuwait using agents like Bridge the World.

  6. Consolidators - These specialist agents often advertise in the national newspapers and handle the airline companies spare seats and are available at certain times of the year to specific destinations.  Discounts can often be up to 50%.  Check out Flightbookers.

  7. Courier Flights - Still the cheapest way to fly but increasingly hard to get a ticket due to newspapers advertising the courier services.  To find out about flights contact the BA Travel shop.

  8. Package tours - There are many package tours available offering very varied holidays.  There are sightseeing tours but also active camping tours and trail walking adventures.  For information on all these tours check out the following sites.

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