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Photo Album

This collection of photographs (old & new!) features anybody (artist or otherwise) who has been involved with the Holly Records label since it was first launched in 1989.  Sorry to anyone who isn't in the album but I haven't got any more photographs!

photo of aaron williams photo of the tuxedoes

photo of billy kinsley

photo of hideaways @ cavern club photo of class of 64 photo of chris Finley & Frank Connor
photo of Tony Crane & Merseybeats photo of Kenny Johnson duo photo of Judd Lander photo of Kenny Parry photo of the Kirbys photo of Billy J Kramer
photo of The Hideaways photo of Ozzy Yue photo of Bob Wooler Photo of Spencer Leigh & Albie Wycherley photo of the MerseyBeats photo of Bobby Sox
photo of Mike Pender photo of billy j kramer        


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