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Class of '64 - Many Happy Returns ( track listing)  

Modem Connections (28/56kbps)

To hear the song clips you can click on 'Listen Now' to hear a streaming Mp3. It is advisable with slow connections to listen to songs with 16kbps for best results. To save the song users should right click on 'Download' and save to your hard drive.  You may need an Mp3 player like Winamp or Windows Media Player to hear the songs. 

High Speed Connections

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 All songs written by and copyright of: 

Connor/Crowley except Track3 (Connor/Crowley/Johnson)

Track7 (Connor/Crowley/Routledge), Track8 (Connor/Crowley/Kinsley)

Track9 (Connor/Crowley/Johnson), Track10 (Connor/Crowley/Kinsley) & Track 12



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1. I'm The One Who Loves You (Whole song) 16kbps

Billy J Kramer

Play or Download

2. Think I'm Comin' Down With You (195KB)


Ray Scragg Play or Download
3. Rock N' Roll Wreck (245KB) 56kbps Sonny Webb Play or Download
4. Borrowed Time (389KB) 96kbps Billy Kinsley Play or Download
5. Frankie's In Love (468KB) 96kbps Beryl Marsden   Play or Download
6. I Know I've Got A Heart (372KB) 96kbps Albie Wycherley Play or Download
7. Ain't Life A Bitch 96kbps Ritchie Routledge Play or Download
8. Little Bit Of Heaven (287KB)  96kbps Billy Kinsley Play or Download
9. Don't Be Afraid Of Love(303KB) 96kbps Sonny Webb   Play or Download
10. I'll Keep You Safe & Warm (259KB) 56kbps Frankie Townsend Play or Download
11. That's What I Call Love (357KB) 96kbps Colin Manley Play or Download
12. Chained To You(395KB) 96kbps Tony Crane Play or Download
13. Raisin' Hell (164KB) 56kbps Kenny Parry   Play or Download
14. Call Me Tonight (404KB) 96kbps Mike Byrne   Play or Download
15. 29 Derby Lane (356KB) 96kbps Dave Kerrigan Play or Download  
16. Loneliest Girl In The World (265KB) 56kbps Faron Play or Download  
17. We're On The Right Road Now(172KB) 56kbps Geoff Nugent Play or Download
18. Do It Right Now (389KB) 96kbps Frankie Connor/Alan Crowley Play or Download