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Major Cities

This is a list of some of the best known cities in the US although there are a lot more to be found in the city guide at the end of this page.  All the following places are unique in their own way and have a lot to offer any tourist.  Cities explored are New York, LA, , Atlanta, Boston, Houston, New Orleans and Las Vegas.

 New York

One of the top destinations for holidays in USA.  photo of new yorkThe city has an abundance of museums, art galleries and theatres as well as many top attractions like the Statue of Liberty and Central Park.  It is also renowned for its restaurants, bars, jazz clubs and nightclubs.  It is often called "the city that never sleeps".  Tourism is an important aspect of the cities economy.  New York alone attracts 25 million visitors annually, a fifth of which are from overseas.

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Los Angeles

This city of LA in California is the second largest conurbation after New York.  The city was given an economic boost at the beginning of the 20tphoto of beach househ century with the development of the film industry. It soon developed into the most important industrial and services center in Western USA when petrol-chemical, automobile, aircraft and electronic organizations established themselves here.

Attractions here include: Hollywood, Grand Central Market, Little Tokyo, Buena Park and Disneyland.

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Dallas is now the second largest city after Houston in Texas.  Until the 2nd world war, the city's economy relied on the grain and cotton grown there and later on oil production.  It is now the business and financial center of south west USA.industry.JPG (27489 bytes)

Attractions include the The Sixth Floor (a museum devoted to the life of John F. Kennedy), Six Flags over Texas theme park, the Museum of Fine Art and the Reunion Tower.

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The capital of Georgia is the principal center of the American South.  it was originally planned as a railway junction and quickly developed into an important economic town.  It has now become a major economic and cultural center in South East America with a lot of air traffic passing through here.  World renowned Coca-Cola have their headquarters here.

Attractions include The World of Coca-Cola, Martin Luther King Jr National Historic site, Atlanta history center and the CNN center.

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This is the capital and also the largest city in Massachusetts.  It is famous for the Boston Massacre in 1770 and the Boston tea party in 1773 as well as the starting point of the War of Independence.  photo of lighthouseIt is also the birthplace of famous people like Samuel Morse, Benjamin Franklin and John F Kennedy.

Attractions include the Freedom Trail, Old State House, Bunker Hill Monument and the Boston Tea Party Ship and Museum.

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This is the fourth largest city in the USA and also the greatest metropolis of the south.  Situated inland a few miles from the Gulf of Mexico, it is the center for processing of oil from the Texas oilfields and offshore drilling rigs.  It has also been the seat of the Mission Control Center of the US space program since 1962.  

Attractions include Hermann Park, Astrodomain, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center and San Jacinto Battleground.

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New Orleans

This is the largest city in Louisiana and the second largest inland port in the of new orleans  Although originally dependant on shipping and shipbuilding there has been a major restructuring of its economy due to the working of natural gas and offshore oil.  Tourism is becoming an increasingly important source of revenue and is now considered a major tourist center in America.  Fans of New Orleans jazz come here from all over the world as well as to attend the famous Mardi Gras festivals.

Attractions: Vieux Carre, French Market, Mardi Gras and Jazz Museum, Louis Armstrong Park and Aquarium of the Americas.

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Las Vegas

This is the largest city in Nevada and is famous worldwide for its casinos and neon signs.  The city was given its first boost in 1931 when gambling was legalized in Nevada followed shortly by the building of the Hoover Dam which gave employment to thousands of the cities workers. photo of Las Vegas The electric generated by the dam also powers the lights of Las Vegas.  many people come here to get married because of the relaxation of the wedding laws. Attractions include the Strip, Natural History Museum and the Liberace Museum.

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To read more about America's cities please go to the city guide website.

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