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Try this merseybeat quiz compiled by Frankie Connor - they are not easy


Pop Quiz

Here are some questions compiled by Frankie Connor. The first correct set of answers received will win a signed copy of the first album.  Please supply your e-mail address so we can contact you.

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        1.What is the only song with the same title 
        written separately by Lennon & McCartney?          

        2.Who was the first American artist to record a 
        Lennon-McCartney composition and what was it? 

        3.What was the biggest selling UK single in 1965? 
        4.What 4 artists had a hit in the UK each 
        year from 1961-69? 
        5.Who replaced Ringo Starr on the Australian 
        tour in 1965? 
        6.What was the only famous Merseyside venue that
        the Beatles never played at? 
        7.What was the first country that the Beatles 
        toured after Hamburg? 
        8.Who was the inspiration behind George Harrison's first attempt 
        at song writing called 'Don't Bother Me'? 
        9.For whom did George Harrison write 'Sour Milk Sea' and name the Merseyside
        group this artist appeared with? 

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