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The following artists have all contributed to the "Class of '64 albums to date. For information on these artists click on the links.  To get back to this site from another website click on your browser back button

Recording Artist


Aaron Williams

The MerseyBeats
Adrian Crane Tapscene
Alan Cosgrove Rumours of Fleetwood Mac, The MerseyBeats
Alan Crowley Tuxedoes
Albie Donnelly Supercharge, The Fix
Albie Power (Information) The Kirbys
Albie Wycherley Jason Eddy
Alex Watt The MerseyBeats (drums)
Becky Lane (Information) Solo artist
Bernie Wenton Buzz Brothers
Beryl Marsden (Information) Shotgun Express
Billy Butler The Tuxedoes
Billy J Kramer The Dakotas
Billy Kinsley The MerseyBeats, Merseys, Liverpool Express
Bob Packham The MerseyBeats
Bobby Sox (Information) Solo artist
Brian Jones (information) The Undertakers (sax)
Chris Finley (information) The Hideaways, Masterminds
Clare Bowles (information) She Three
Colin Manley (deceased) Swinging Blue Jeans
Dave Dover (Information) The Roadrunners
Dave Goldberg  The MerseyBeats
Dave Kerrigan (Information) Richmond Group, The Signs
Faron Big 3, Farons Flamingos
Frank Johns (Information) Solo artist (keyboards)
Frankie Connor The Hideaways, Confucious
Frankie Townsend (Information) The Escorts, The Easybeats
Gary Murphy Gary Murphy Band
Geoff Nugent (Information) The Undertakers
Ian Kennedy BBC sport editor,guitar
Jimmy Campbell 29 Turnoff, The Kirbys
Joe Marouth (Information) The Kirbys
Joey Bower The Fourmost
John Lloyd The Kirbys
John O'Brien (Information) The Tuxedoes
Johnny Guitar (deceased) Rory Storm and the Hurricanes
Judd Lander The Hideaways, Culture Club (harmonica), various other groups
Kenny Goodlass (Information) The Kirbys
Kenny Parry Liverpool Express
Les Williams (Information) The Tuxedoes, The Dimensions
Mike Brocken Solo artist, Mayfield records
Mike Byrne (Information) The Roadrunners
Mike Pender Mike Penders Searchers
Ozzie Yue Hideaways,Supercharge
Paul Galvin Tuxedos (steel guitar)
Ray Scragg (deceased) The Dennisons
Ritchie Routledge The Cryin Shames
Sonny Webb (aka Kenny Johnson) (Information) North Wind 
Ted "Kingsize" Taylor (Information) The Dominoes
Tony Crane The MerseyBeats
Tracy King (Information) Solo artist


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